I am a UX designer who is passionate about crafting unique and efficient user interfaces, and I love the challenge of a complex problem. I started my career as a programmer, so I communicate effectively with on or offshore development teams and work efficiently in both agile and waterfall processes. My graphic design degree gives me the insight needed to define interfaces that shine once designed and to collaborate effectively with visual designer to create the best possible user experience.


  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Application Design
  • User Research
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Definition
  • QA Planning
  • Usability & Analytics Analysis
  • Mobile UI Design


Freelance UX Design

May 2012 - Present

  • Designed scoring calculations to measure sentiment and reach of social media traffic and created UX for all reporting dashboards of a social media analytics platform.
  • Create responsive UX design for business intelligence dashboard, which delivers price information, cost analysis, and news to purchasers of packaging products.
  • Information and visual design for the marketing site and member portal of a North Carolina food based wellness start up company.
  • Create a responsive UX design for a series of micro sites targeting specific market segments for a B2B publishing company.


March 2003 – May 2012

Selected Projects

  • Lead UX design for the conversion of cost benchmarking application modeling wood and paper mills from PC to a web application.
  • Designed a knowledge center for a membership organization to aggregate disparate type of content such as news, courses, committees, and resources under specific topic sections, so user can access all of the information for their discipline in a single location.
  • Designed customizable portal featuring a drag and drop layout. User can add and place a variety of components including customizable news feeds based on multiple filters, quick links to the most up to date economic forecasts, and specific content from other subscription products.
  • Lead the design of an executive report interface for a software-as-service sponsorship evaluation and tracking product. Executives can view the primary metrics by in a variety of reports and all reports can be filter by brand, date and geographic region.


  • Wrote application business requirements based on interviews with stakeholders, industry experts, and potential users.
  • Lead daily scrums during an agile project with onshore and overseas development teams.
  • Wrote content specifications and worked with team members to write key brand message to speak to the core needs and emotions of user groups.
  • Defined help structure, wrote instructional copy within the application, and wrote application's user manual.
  • Worked with the product and project managers to prioritize functionality and define development tasks for each sprint/iteration of the development process.
  • Reviewed site analytics and interviewed users to identify changes to improve application usability.

Ignition State

October 2000 – February 2002

  • Created the visual communication and aesthetic experience of interfaces to match the user-system interaction strategies and projects’ business objectives
  • Conducted card sorting exercises, interviews, and usability tests to define the functionality and interface for new/existing applications and supporting content in the form of sitemaps, wire frames, and content functional specs
  • Utilized interface programming experience to developed JavaScript and Flash components to enhance user experience and improve site usability.

Full Immersion

June 1998 – May 2000

  • Developed e-commerce storefront with shopping cart interface and secure payment for the database-driven inventory of Shaman Drum Texts, an independent college textbook store.
  • Structured and programmed the search engine and database for, a sublease information and exchange community.

Michigan Live

May 1997 – January 1999

  • Developed and produced front- and back-end interfaces for, the online news and entertainment portal for Booth Newspapers.
  • Increased user interaction by developing interfaces and infrastructure, including content management, for online contests and quiz games.
  • Trained and directed interns converting archived content into new coding structure.


BFA Graphic Design - August 2000

University of Michigan

After finishing a year in Michigan’s School of Engineering, I transferred to the school of Art and Design where I felt my creative energies and technical skills would be better nurtured working more integrative projects. Outside of my concentration in Graphic Design, I pursued a questioning of the human experience of technology, creating network art and interactive sculpture. I completed my academic career studying user interface design.


  • Graphics: Visio, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, Acrobat
  • Coding: HTML, CSS, JavaScript [jQuery], PHP
  • Development Tools: Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Idea, SVN, CVS
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac