Coding Expertise

I have been coding HTML pages since 640 by 480 and 256 web safe colors were the standard. While the skills required to code a web page has changed a lot over the years, the satisfaction I get from creating a clean and optimized code has not. As we enter the age of HTML5, CSS3, and mobile, I find client side coding more important than ever as more and more graphical style can be achieved without graphics. I have extensive experience coding JavaScript, am well versed in the Jquery and Dojo frameworks, and utilize the OOP JavaScript whenever possible. (I know, JavaScript is not a true Object Oriented Programming language, but can act a bit like one.)

While I stopped developing the backend of websites a long time ago, I am very comfortable working in a development environment. JSP, ASP, PHP, CVS and SVN are not foreign languages to me. I can work right alongside a development team, local or overseas, to style new components or change page structure as a project is being developed.

While I believe the days of Flash are numbered, there are still a few things Flash does really well. I have done dozens of Flash animations and have extensive experience with ActionScript.

Contact me for code samples or more about my skillset

I have had the opportunity to do coding work for a lot of great companies over the years. The following are just a few of the companies I have contributed code to:


  • Canon
  • The Children’s Pace
  • Godiva
  • Things Remembered

Flash Animation

  • Ann Taylor
  • Nautica
  • Panasonic
  • Schwans
  • Tassimo
  • Vera Bradley