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SponsorScience started to answer one question: "What is the fair market value of my sponsorships?" SponsorScience is business intelligence software that tracks and evaluates the effectiveness of event sponsorships. In an industry where "gut level" decisions are no longer sufficient, SponsorScience offers data and analytics to aid the decision making process of marketing director. Based on two decades of historical data, SponsorScience gives marketer the ability to value, track, optimize and predict the performance of event sponsorships.

At the start of the project I was brought on to do the information design for a couple reports in the application. I quickly was assigned responsibility for the total user interface as well as the complete functional specification. I took the project from loose ideas to a concrete design that met and exceeded the expectations of the client.

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My Role: Lead UX Designer

My task for this projects included the following:

  • Worked with SponsorScience's product managers to define all system level calculations include the predictive model for future programs and the monetary evaluation of program outcomes.
  • Designed the application administration UI, where company administrators could manage client accounts and edit system and client level variables.
  • Worked with the product and project managers to prioritize functionality and define development tasks for each sprint/iteration of the development process.

Process: Agile

This project utilized an agile development process, so development was occurring side by side with the design of the UI. I participated in daily scrums to ensure that developers properly understood all aspect of functionality and produced the product exactly as specified. After the total spec for the product was complete, I was responsible for reviewing development efforts to ensure the product matched the specification and the user experience was maintained.

[ Waterfall vs. Agile ]

Waterfall or Agile. I am Process Agnostic

Yes I scrum and sprint, but sometimes I do it the old fashion way too. I could argue about agile versus waterfall all day, but I would rather just say I think that both processes have their place. I have worked in lots of different processes and structures over the years depending on the type of project and the needs of the client. I am not set to a single process and am happy to work in whatever way works best to execute a successful project.

Project Highlights

Predicting Value

One of the big problems this application set out to solve was to find a way to evaluate the cost/benefit ratio for potential sponsorships. When I started they knew that the value of a sponsorship consisted of two things, the value of activation outcomes and fair market value of assets, but they had no specifics on how these would be calculated. To determine the fair market value of assets, I conducted a series of interviews with their marketing experts. Based on those interviews I produced the specification of 18 different assets and the calculation for determining their value.

Seeing the Big Picture

Marketing executives have a crucial need to prove the value of their spending. While they drove the demand for this product, they are also not the primary users of the application. They want to see the high level outcomes without all the detail, so we needed to create an executive report that stripped out all of the complexity of the product and just shows the metrics. I designed the executive report to display the key cost and metrics from various perspectives. Executives can view the six primary metrics by region category, can view the efficiency of effectiveness of program for each metric, and can see the performance of each type of activation. All reports in the executive report can be filter by brand, date and geographic region.

Sample Documentation

  • SponsorTrack Executive Report UI

    This document defines the UI for all the screens of the Executive dashboard that summarizes the data from all Track Programs. The documentation defines the filtering system, how and when each outcome metric is included in the reports screens.

  • SponsorTrack Program Report UI

    This download shows the UI for the SponsorTrack report and has a definition for each metric displayed in the report. SponsorTrack programs have three states, future, in progress, and complete, and this document shows how each section of the screen varies for the different states.

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