I am a user experience designer/information architect with over a dozen years of experience, who loves to tackle complex problems and fight for the needs of users. LEARN MORE >

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While information architecture is my first love, I have extensive client-side coding experience.

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  • Information is Cheap, Attention is Expensive

    We live in a world where we have way more information available to us that we could possible process. We are inundated by information options. We have to select from 100's of channels on TV, tens of thousands of movie from Netflix, countless video games, Facebook and Twitter on our cell phone, millions of youTube videos, billboards on every corner, and the "dieing" media radio, newspapers, and books. Surrounded by a glut of information, be it for communication, learning, or entertainment, our attention is scarce.

  • Quality Design Requires Learning to Forget

    It is easy to forget that everyone may not see the world as you do. Of course we know that everyone is different, and people have different beliefs on religion and politics. However we forget that what separates us is not just perspective but knowledge. While an understanding of perspective is crucial to all markets [...]

  • Knowledge in Our Pockets, Not in Our Heads

    The internet and more recently the mobile web on cell phones has changed the way we discuss information in conversations. When I was growing up information was stored in one of two ways; in books and in our heads. If we could not recall something we walked over to an encyclopedia or some [...]

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